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No SID found for value 'X ' of characteristic 0CALQUART1

Jan 29, 2017 at 12:32 PM


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Hello Experts,

When i try to load data into 0PA_C01 in production environment i always get following error:

i transferred global setting for fiscal year variants successfully, but still have this error,

table /BI0/SCALQUART1 is empty !!

any suggestions please,



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3 Answers

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Donnie Burhan Feb 02, 2017 at 02:24 AM

If the /BI0/SCALQUART1 is empty, maybe you could try to reinstall 0CALQUART1 BI Content to see if it will regenerate the SID table entries. Or maybe you can insert the entries yourself using debug mode.

The entries should be like this:



1 1 NULL X X

2 2 NULL X X

3 3 NULL X X

4 4 NULL X X

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Thanks Donnie, Problem resolved i updated the table manually in debug mode,

Thanks a lot, please convert your reply to answer to be able to assign it as a solution,


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Former Member Jan 30, 2017 at 02:06 PM

Hi Ahmed,

The values which your updating into info cube was wrong.

your master data have different values then cube.

so please check the data which your uploading into infocube and chnage it at PSA level.

please check info object 0calquart1 length and see your value which your transaction have.

if needs, add 0 before the value or check your values have any invalid char after the value.



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Thank you Raman for reply,

the Quarters table /BI0/SCALQUART1 is empty,

and 0calquart1 length is 1,

no invalid characters in PSA.

i cannot load master data of 0calquart1, i don't know how to load quarters master data!!

Thanks and best regards


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Former Member Jan 30, 2017 at 10:09 AM

click on ? mark, get more details

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    Characteristic value 3 does not exist in the master data table for
    characteristic 0CALQUART1 . This value could not therefore be
    transformed into the internal SID.

System Response


    Check whether the value is correct. If it is correct, you need to
    generate the associated master data.

     Special features of characteristics that depend on the fiscal year
Note that the fiscal year variant must be specified for characteristics
that reference 0FISCPER  and 0FISCYEAR (see table T009 ). Only fiscal
periods 0 to (number of normal periods + special periods) are allowed.
If the fiscal year variant is year-specific, periods are only valid if
defined for the year in question.

You can make these settings in Customizing in the Maintain Fiscal Year
Variant  activity.

 Special features of units and currencies:

Attributes for characteristics that reference 0UNIT  must be in table
T006 . Attributes for characteristics that reference 0CURRENCY  must be
in table TCURC.

As there is a conversion exist on field MSEHI  in table T006 , you can
only see the internal format if you deactivate the conversion exit in
the display (Settings > User Parameters > DataBrowser > Apply Conversion
Exit  should NOT be selected). See SAP Note 619987 for more details.


master data for quarter is missing how can i load it??