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Feb 18, 2015 at 07:57 AM

MAX DB CLI backup


Dear All,

I'm new to max db and we have SAP DMS server in AIX 7.1 with /sapdb/SDB/db /sapdb/CDB/db

I created a backup template using HowTo - SAP MaxDB Backup with Database Manager CLI guide and

managed to take the SDB & CDB backup to a external NAS.But the backup file is 3.5 MB .

This is same for Dev,Qty, and production.

Our production DMS aserver SDB db is around 40 GB, backup is 3.5 MB.

What's wrong with this backup...?

Please help...

backup_template_create SDB_backup to FILE

/mnt/backup/BACKUP/SDB_prd_backup CONTENT DATA

dbmcli on SDB>backup_start SDB_backup


Returncode 0

Date 20150202

Time 00140829

Server bobjdms2

Database SDB

Kernel Version Kernel 7.8.02 Build 026-121-243-456

Pages Transferred 432

Pages Left 0

Volumes 1

Medianame SDB_backup

Location /mnt/backup/BACKUP/SDB_dev_backup


Label DAT_000000003

Is Consistent true

First LOG Page 420

Last LOG Page

DB Stamp 1 Date 20150202

DB Stamp 1 Time 00140829

DB Stamp 2 Date

DB Stamp 2 Time

Page Count 409

Devices Used 1

Database ID bobjdms2:SDB_20150130_155905

Max Used Data Page 0

Converter Page Count 10