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Feb 17, 2015 at 04:56 PM

How to group or filter the model in split app?


Hi all ,

I am passing the following table entries from back-end and binding to model.


I want to display the same model in split app with left side having unique purchase order no how to achieve the same? (i know how to bind value to ui controls just not sure how to show only unique entries).Currently the master page in split app is having all the duplicate entries of order no.

I want to use a filter say " i want to list only purchase orders with material-20" in that case i want to see only two purchase orders 1 and 2 in the master page. ie > filter and display only unique po number based on material no. what URI filter parameters to be used in along with model to achieve the same?

I am using XML views

Purchase order item material 1 10 m-10 1 20 m-20 2 10 m-10 2 20 m-20 2 30 m-30 3 10 m-40

Split app preview

Orders other controls 1 2 3