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Feb 17, 2015 at 04:04 PM

Profit Center Field not changeable in AS02



In AS02, I would like to change the field ANLZ-KOSTL (Cost Center) field in time dependant tab, if the Profit Center of the CC is different from the PC of the asset master, I got the error message that the Profit center is not unique.

But the Profit Center field is grey so can not be changed.

I checked the field status of the master and the status of PRCTR is optional.

Could anyone tell me why this field is only displayed against any modification in AS02 ?

I know the error message can be swiched off by OBA5 but this is not an option.

For information, with new ledger accounting, Profit Center is activated as assignment objets.

Time-independent organizional units(XZORG) are not activated.

Thanks for your help.