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Feb 17, 2015 at 11:42 AM

SAP HANA Output Adapter requires an ODBC connection to function?



Version ESP SP08 latest PL (but same in SP09).

Version: PL04/winnt/x86_64/64-bit/OPT/Tue, Jan 06, 2015 8:35:48 PM

What is required to be able to connect to HANA with the HANA output adapter?

The SP08 Manuals says:


Make sure that the Data Service has the ODBC Driver Library set correctly. Always use esp_db_odbc_lib for Windows (regardless of version). On other platforms, use esp_db_odbc64_lib if you are working with the HANA adapter. If not, the choice of driver library depends on the size of SQLLEN in the driver manager. If SQLLEN is 4 bytes, use esp_db_odbc_lib. If SQLLEN is 8 bytes use esp_db_odbc64_lib.6.2 Loading a Data Service


However when I use esp_db_odbc_lib I'm gettin a architexture mismatch error from Windows

With esp_db_odbc64_lib the generic db_in and db_out seem to work but the HANA output adapter gives error:


| 3580 | container | [SP-3-148011] (2.182) sp(4952) ConnectionWriter(HANA_Output1) connection reset error: 2015-02-17 09:49:30 The service name in the adapter properties is not configured as an ODBC service. The SAP HANA Output Adapter requires an ODBC connection to function.

Unable to get connection to the database.


What could be the problem of this error message?