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Feb 17, 2015 at 12:59 AM

Extended Notifications to use infotype PA0105 for address



I have a requirement for a workflow to send an email to agents telling them they have a new workitem.

Being an experienced workflow-er, I pointed them towards Extended Notification instead. The problem is, they want the email address stored in HR (infortype 105) used instead of the email address in SU01D.

Does anyone know a way to get Extended Notifications to read that email instead?

I looked inside SWN_SELSEN and it seems to be using SAP-standard methods to fetch the email address so it's not easily changed.

I wonder if anyone else has faced the same problem.

Sure, I could just add a step in workflow to send the email but then I miss out on all the benefits of Extended Notifications, such as emails being sent automatically if the original recipient forwards it!

Looking forward to your suggestions.


Rick Bakker