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Former Member
Jan 10, 2006 at 05:50 PM

CRM-ISA Customization advice needed


Hi, sort of a dummy question, but I'm quite uncertain about this...

We have a CRM 4.0 ISA installation (on 640) which is to be customized. I have all relevant documents, build tools and stuff but one question remains, should I:

1. Change the original application provided by SAP (b2b) and deploy (and thus overwriting the installed one), or

2. Create a new application (e.g. b2b_fubar) and deploy it.

I find (2) to be the most logical way to go but then I don't understand how the new application should be made aware of the underlying CRM system to which it should communicate.

Is this configured in the application itself or is it something that is configured globally. Another quite possible option is that I have completely misunderstood the CRM concept, in this case, dear sirs and madams, please enlighten me 😉