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Feb 16, 2015 at 10:11 AM

CCMS vs. MAI ?



Our customer wants to use MAI instead of CCMS. In our next project steps we have to upgrade SolMan 7.1 from SPS10 to SPS12 and then we must configure the monitoring from CCMS to MAI.

From SAP point-of-view the MAI is better than CCMS (we all know the marketing way of SAP...), but our customer has all the monitoring things used by CCMS now and the change (CCMS to MAI) should work well, because the monitoring has an very high priority for the customer.

Now I have the following question in general:

.) Is MAI stable and working well or does MAI still need adaption from SAP to be working well in the future?

Thing is: I don´t want to change monitoring for the customer from CCMS to MAI if MAI isn´t stable and the customer has no benefit from that and monitoring doesn´t work for a long time afterwards. I don´t want to take that risk in that case.

If MAI works well - please give me some hint where to find documentations for MAI step-by-step configuration.

Thanks in advance!