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Feb 16, 2015 at 12:22 AM

What is the differences between Acceptence Status & Release Status



I am a bit confused about the following status in the Service Entry Sheet (ML81N).

Menu -> Entry Sheet -> Set Status ->

* Acceptence

* Release

Can you please help verify?

A) To create a service entry sheet.

==> Click the save button. (color become yellow at this stage only)

B) To accept and post the Service entry sheet (i.e. to make the color change from yellow to green, thereby posting the material document)

==> Go to menu and clicks the Entry sheet ®Set status ®Acceptance, then hits the "save" button

C) What is the Release doing in here? is the green flag icon represented the Release?

I am designing a program but I just want to know what this "Release" status doing? it seems the function of Release can be entirely take over by the "Acceptance" status?

D) all the function to change the status, Like Acceptence, Release, Blocked, Final Entry, and Delete are base on HEADER LEVEL? in another word, can I perform those action on individual line item (for example, block and make final entry for particular line item, and accept one particular line item - material document created for the particular line item)?