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Feb 15, 2015 at 06:31 AM

GL Acc. Balance not equal to total line items


Hi experts;

I have a common issue where I found many threads are talking about it but neither of them has SOLVED status and I followed most of recommendations but the problem is yet existing.

The issue is:

when we display the balance on F.08 for the retained earning account (which is Bal. Sheet Acc.) for the year 2014 it gives 30,390,288.69 Cr.

when we go to FBL3N for detailed line items selecting same account, All line items option, setting the Date From empty till Date To 31.12.2014 in order to show all line items it gives another reading 23,632,888.89 Dr.

Then, I found a recommendation from one old thread to use FAGLL03 but again it gives same reading like FBL3N which is 23,632,888.89 Dr.

Then checked the FS10N it gives total balance for last period like the F.08 which is 30,390,288.69 Cr.


- No archiving has been done.

- Balance Carry Forward has been done.

Kindly if someone can help and guide me for explaining that mysterious readings where the matter is too important to submit such line items for external auditor.

Thanks in advance;

Kind regards;

Ahmad Mahmud;