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Feb 14, 2015 at 04:40 AM

No. of Labels as Input in Smartform Label Printing


Hi Smartform Experts,

My requirement is to print Smartform Label Printing based on No. of Label numbers as Input.

Kindly find the below screen shots.

1. Input: Sales Order

2. ALV Grid Display, where you can find No. of Labels as Input again

3. After entering No. of Labels. Press SAVE to call Smartfrom.

4. Sending the Internal Table to the Smartfrom.

5. Now the Report Internal Table will be the Input for the Smartfrom at Form Interface -> Tables

6. As they are three line items, i'm getting three 3 labels on Smartfrom screen


1. What will be the LOGIC to print as below and where exactly should i write the Logic?

Line Item 1 -> 3 Lables -> 3 Times

Line Item 2 -> 4 Labels -> 4 Times

Line Item 3 -> 5 Labels -> 5 Times

Kindly let me know the solution.

With Regards,



LB 7.JPG (32.8 kB)
LB 8.JPG (23.7 kB)
LB 9.JPG (42.6 kB)
LB1.JPG (14.8 kB)
LB2.JPG (31.3 kB)
LB3.JPG (83.4 kB)
lb6.JPG (161.1 kB)
LB4.JPG (50.2 kB)