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Feb 13, 2015 at 02:49 PM

Leave applied in Portal is not recording in ECC



We are on EHP7 and portal 7.4, deployed ESS 1.50 business package in portals.

Leave apply / leave approval from portal is not deducting the leave quota in ECC and also not writing the task in ECC against "Absences - 2001" and "Medical Leave - 0125" info types.

View from PA30 against "Absences" and "0125" is EMPTY but applied medical leave is appearing for employee and Manager can approve it but nothing recording in ECC.

Could you please let me know what was wrong and where portal requests are storing ?

Leave created form Portal : record appearing under "PTARQ" but in PA30 / Absences and not deducting count from available leave.

Leave created in ECC, PA30, Absences, 0125 : Rocord not appearing under "PTARQ" but days deducting from entitled total.