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Feb 13, 2015 at 09:17 AM

How to get business partner deatil from BRFplus application ?


Hi experts,

I am doing a ruleset in BRFplus to get the detail of a business partner using the method GET_BUSINESSPARTNER_DETAIL.

As a input paramenter I indicate the taypayer from structure SYS_FORM_BUNDLE_HEADER and as a output paremeter ET_BUT000 (Table type of BUS000_TD_T), but this parameter requires a value, clearly, another table type of BUS000_TD_T where export the corresponding detail of the taxpayer.

I have created a new object table SYS_BUS000_TD however when I go to assign it to the parameter ET_BUT000 from "select context parameter" I don`t see my table (it is only shown SYS_BAPIRETTAB and SYS_MESSAGE).

All have been activated and I don`t understant why I can assign my table in order to get the business partner detail, could you help me please?

I am attaching a file with two screenshots.

Thank and regards,



Detail.png (145.4 kB)