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Former Member
Feb 13, 2015 at 06:00 AM

motorola MC9190 -ITS Mobile RFID


Dear All,

I am doing ITS mobile POC using motorola MC9190 windows 6.1 device.

I could see standard ITS screen coming in the default IE broswer without any issue. I am facing below issues and queries

1-Included symobl device include but function keys not working. As I understand IE does not interpret meta tags, is it the issue??

2- Tried testing the javescript to get the function key , java script is not working. Is there any way to make IE work with java script??

3- I see RFID folder under ITSMobile which html/java script contents for simulation/intermec/symobol, how to enable these pages?? what is the use of ~itsmobiledebug parameter?? how to implement this parameter in the service?? Will these symobol contents enough for simple tag read/write??

4- I want to use

NaurTech CETerm Browser evaluation version for testing. Is it the right industrial browser to use for motorola handheld?? Please share your experience on this particular browser from ITS Mobile prospective.

Thanks in advance