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Feb 13, 2015 at 02:59 AM

Problem activating hdbtable, looks like a zombie


Hi Gents,

We are having a problem activating an hdbtable we dropped via SQL command and delete the hdbtable from the repository.

We recreate the hdbtable file and went to activate the table again and we got an error saying that the database connection has been lost. Right after that the indexserver would restart. We did this a couple of times and same thing happened.

Thinking about what the problem could be we came out with a name: 'zombie table'. Apparently it wasn't active but it wasn't in the repository either.

We checked the SYS_REPO table INACTIVE_OBJECTS and we found 2 entries there referencing the table so my question is Can we just go ahead and delete those entries? I checked all other tables from SYS_REPO schema and I didn't find any entry whatsoever. Our guess is that after deleting those entries we'll be able to create the hdbtable again and activate it.

What do you think guys?