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Feb 12, 2015 at 01:00 PM

SAP HR segregation of data


Hi all,

We have a customer with a SAP HR system with many thousands of employees.

Part of the business has been split into two different companies.

Their goal is that each user can manage (create, modify, display) data (mainly PA) of his own company.

Supposing that the company concept is related to personal area field of infotype 001, we can manage it through P_ORGIN authorizations for standard transactions (PA30, PA20, ...).

This it not true for SE16, SM30 transactions since they go directly to the database tables.

A partial solution could be using the S_TABU_LIN for table P0001 (for infotype 0001) but it will not works fr other infotypes tables.

Any suggestions for SE16 and SM30 limitaions?

Thanks in advance.