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Feb 12, 2015 at 10:50 AM

Order Report for element(MD4C) - After upgrade no column optimize



we've upgraded our ECC5.0 to ECC6.0 (EHP6). The order Report (MD4C or as order report from MD04) changed a lot, obviously among other, the direct integration with MD04.

Here's our problem: In the new version, when we change the layout for this alv tree, all column width were saved but not the column width of the hierachy header. In ECC 5.0 the column width of the hierarchy header was also not saveable but presetted from SAP as automatically resized to Content (like all columns in MD4C in ECC 5.0).

I've found nothing to this bad "change" in SCN or SAP Notes or somewhere else. It is very bad to our users, who have to resize the column manually each time they start the order report, because most of the materials were displayed to short (see attachment).

Did anyone use the order report and has the same issues, or better - i hope - a resolution for this?




MD4C - ECC6.0.jpg (106.4 kB)