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Feb 12, 2015 at 11:17 AM

Multiple Vendor Confirmations on one PO line, gives a wrong 'latest confirmation date en reports


Hi All

I have a situation concerning the field: 'latest confirmation date'

The issue occur, when there is partical deliveries.

Let me illustrate the problem:

PO line 10 is material X with 100 in quantity

Then the vendor confirms delivery of 40 at the date 1/1

Then the vendor confirms delivery of 31 at the date 30/2

Then the vendor confirmes delivery of 29 at the date 22/3

We are now at point in time 1/3, and the 40+31 has been delivered.

But when we look at the latest confirmation date in our report (YMM_NOT_DELIVERY), then it still writes confirmation date as 30/2.

We use Confirmation Category AB

Hope that someone can help me