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Feb 12, 2015 at 08:56 AM

TextEdit - change height/rows dynamically


Hello colleagues,

We are having a TextEdit in a pop-up dialog and its height needs to be adjusted based on the size of the window (the pop-up dialog). I think this could be achieved by setting dynamically the rows of the TextEdit.
My question is do you know how one of the following could be done, so that the above is achieved:
1) get the window's size (more specifically - the height)

This could help to calculate and set rows for the TextEdit based on the height of the window.

2) set the property "height" so that the TextEdit gets automatically let's say 90% of the window

So far, if the "height" is set to some percentage, the TextEdit's height is not properly treated. It acts as if the "height" property is not working properly, while the "width" property is always treated correctly and it (the "width" property) overwrites the "cols" property of the TextEdit.

3) some other way to get different height of a TextEdit based on the size of the window

Thank you and best regards,