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Feb 12, 2015 at 04:56 AM

Default Skin to Business Role


Hi all,

I'm trying to assign a skin to a Business Role, via its Technical Profile (in technical profile we have the option to default a skin).

The requirement is to have one business role with one skin, and another BR with another skin. Looks easy.

I have 2 skins "enabled".

Table CRMC_THTMLB_SKIN contains 10 records

Table CRMC_THTMLB_SKNE contains 8 records

So normally I should have 2 skins remaining as available for any user. Right?

Then I go to the technical profile and assign skin # 2. I assign Technical Profile to Business Role

I log out and log back in and I get the layout with skin # 1 ...

What do I do wrong? Am I missing something that overrides this config?

I also tried forcing the skin # 2 on the user's parameter CRMC_THTMLB_SKIN. Didn't work.

Really wondering what the issue would be...

P.S.: While doing debugging, I also noticed that the "default" skin that is returned is always the FIRST entry from the remainder entries sorted by Skin_Name... Good thing to know if I want to default a skin (within a list of n available skins) to all users.

--> Class: CL_THTMLB_UTIL, Method: Get_Skins.