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Feb 11, 2015 at 04:47 PM

SAP DMS, OpenText DM & Archiving, Hadoop and HANA


So this discussion was started when I was reading Jon Appleby's great blog: HANA vs Hadoop - showdown

I wonder - if you used SAP DMS and OpenText tools for document management and archiving - would there be any potential need to use Hadoop and HANA so that you can cheaply store and VERY quickly cross-reference a very large number of large documents?

I'm theorising that:

1* DMS can work for managing documents in SAP

2* OpenText can extend DMS to store documents and archive them externally

3* Hadoop probably overlaps Opentext usage, but can store large numbers of documents and has many tools for searching them. I wonder if OpenText could even be a feeder for Hadoop so that DMS/OpenText manage your on-going business with documents and Hadoop can be used to search through the unstructured data in these documents (perhaps providing cheap 2nd level archiving also on HDFS_

4* HANA as an option (esp if appliances already in the landscape) to run very quick searches on "hot data" swapped in/out of SAP/Hadoop as required

I guess perhaps there is some consideration of whether Sybase IQ would be in the picture here too. Basically I'm thinking about the theoretical or academic ideal for managing documents for any company who has a lot of paper based and historic records that need to be kept.

Very interested to see where anyone may have worked with these tools overlapping at all. I will add more myself to this as I find it.

Regards all