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Feb 11, 2015 at 12:04 PM

Deleting Alerts - Database & Dynamic,Aggregates in MPOS


Hi Experts,

Having few doubts on alerts - can any you please help me in knowing more about alerts.

1.We can delete unwanted alerts even by using macros - so what is was the exact use of tcode - /SAPAPO/AMON_REORG.

Does this transaction delete all alerts irrespective whether dynamic or database?

2. Report /SAPAPO/AMODAL_DELETE - Does this report is to be used only for deleting database alerts?

In general we delete alerts using macros for a specific selection or a data view..(please correct me if i am just trying get my basics straight).

So how does exactly these transaction and report are more useful for deletion of alerts.

Can anyone please share a document or explain how to configure dynamic alerts?

For ex : In a business scenario - if we want to highlight a cell or row or column at a particular aggregation or disaggregation level i hope we can use macro elements for achieving this?But how does the configuring in dynamic alert profile helps us?

Do we need Overall alert profile in order to set up database alerts?

3.Alert Determination background

How is this different from setting up alert in macro?can anyone please explain.

Aggregates in MPOS

When we use "aggregates at MPOS" we can access data at aggregate level faster - my doubt was when we open a planning book for a particular selection - we can see data at aggregated level right ?If so how does aggregates help us?

Please excuse if these were basics and request you to help me in understanding.