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Feb 11, 2015 at 10:49 AM

Unable to trace , how workflow admins are identified with rule in workflow.


I have a workflow, and when ever workflow goes into error , through a rule the respective agents are informed with an email.

I verfied the workflow and found that there is a container WORKITEM ( Type flow item ) is maintained and when ever the workflow goes into error , it is automatically pick the agents and sends an email.

Now i have a requirement to manipulate the rule , i got the rule number after debuggin this FLOWITEM bo giving the WORKITEM number,

But i wanted to see, how a rule is used to set the amdins , no step in the workflow which is used to relate this rule .

I only know to mainain the admin through SWU3 only, please suggest.

Experts please let me know how do i check where this rule is maintained for admin