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Feb 11, 2015 at 07:05 AM

SFTP duplicate file checking


Dear Experts,

I have done the development SFTP->PI->File(FTP) and its working fine, But I don't want to process the duplicate file.

Issue in Detail:

Every day our client will placing the file in SFTP, one file per day and no need to process the duplicate file. So that iam checking the duplicate file in channel configuration. So everyday we need to pick the latest file from SFTP using PI.

PI is picking the latest file and updating in FTP and after 2hrs PI is again picking some of the random duplicate file from SFTP folder and updating in FTP and I increased the modification check in SFTP channel configuration, but the problem is still persists.

Kindly give some solution to resolve this issue if any body face this.

Best Regards,



SFTP1.JPG (49.3 kB)
sftp2.JPG (17.3 kB)
sftp3.JPG (35.4 kB)
sftp4.JPG (25.5 kB)