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Feb 11, 2015 at 06:34 AM

How to Process table rows in XML view ?


HI All,

I have an Table designed in XML view using mobile library and displays the records from northwind service.


<Table id="idProductsTable" inset="false" items="{/Products}" visibleRowCount= "7" mode="MultiSelect" modeAnimationOn="true"> <headerToolbar> <Toolbar> <Label text="Products"></Label> </Toolbar> </headerToolbar>

<columns> <Column width="12em"> <Text text="Product Name" /> </Column> <Column minScreenWidth="Tablet" demandPopin="true"> <Text text="Category ID" /> </Column> <Column minScreenWidth="Tablet" demandPopin="true"> <Text text="Supplier ID" /> </Column> <Column minScreenWidth="Tablet" demandPopin="true"> <Text text="Unit price" /> </Column> <Column minScreenWidth="Tablet" demandPopin="true"> <Text text="Unit in stock" /> </Column> <Column minScreenWidth="Tablet" demandPopin="true"> <Text text="Unit on order" /> </Column> </columns> <items> <ColumnListItem> <cells> <Text text="{ProductName}" /> <Text text="{CategoryID}" /> <Text text="{SupplierID}" /> <Text text="{UnitPrice}" /> <Text text="{UnitsInStock}" /> <Text text="{UnitsOnOrder}"/> </cells> </ColumnListItem> </items>



  • On click of the delete button in the footer How to delete the selected rows just from table. I have very basic idea and its not helping me to proceed further.
  • How to get the selected rows and display the same selected rows in another table?.
  • I have some rows in table and i want to push the complete table content to backend SAP to process it.How to call the url for the same..

/sap/opu/odata/ZTEST_SRV/entityset(orderno="1234") " this is how i send one order no back to SAP now how to send the table of values?

Please help me out.

I have searched before posting i could not find any reference related to table XML views.


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