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Feb 11, 2015 at 05:06 AM

Error in user mapping between ABAP and Java


Dear all,

I just installed BW 7.40 with ABAP + JAVA. I ran the BI initial ABAP setup wizard and BI Java wizard. After I finished all the configuration steps, I ran the Diagnostics & support desktop too and I am getting the following errors Web ABAP Setting

Reverse user mapping test by RSWR_RFC_SERVICE_TEST failed J2EE user 'Administrator' was mapped to ABAP user 'XXXX' which was mapped back to J2EE user 'XXXX' called

Check user mapping in the user administration. Ensure that by a roundtrip Java -> ABAP -> Java. the java user does not change.

I just wonder how can I change the J2EE user Administrator to 'XXXX' so the error won't happen again. Thanks all.