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Feb 11, 2015 at 01:15 AM

Why does NWBC5.0 removes the message servers in the SAPUILandscape.xml file?


Hello, This is my first post here so please have patience.

I recently tested the upgrade from SAPGUI 7.3.4 to SAPGUI 4.0/NWBC5.0 patch1.

I used the SAP Installation server to build a custom package and compress to a single installer.

(In one package, I selected the SAP GUI for windows 7.40 comp1, KW Add-on and the NWBC5 client)

(I created another package that did not include the NWBC5 client)

In any case, I encountered a few problems and listed them below.

-When using just the SAPGUI alone everything migrates fine and seems to work.

I did have to re-create the Group/Server connections but once that was done everything works fine.

-When using the package that includes the NWBC5, I try to log into any Group/Server connections and

I get the error below. This error also causes the SAPGUI Group/Server connections fails too.

I have read the posts and the SAPnotes about this, but like several other admins, I don't use a SAPRouter string for my client connections.

I have also tried to put the message server entries into the Global xml file and still get the same result.

The only fix I have found is to "Redo migration by SAP GUI Tool". this fixes the SAPGUI and even allows a single logon in NWBC to a

Group/Server connection. (open NWBC click on the top left tab, hold the ctrl key and click help, extended supportability, landscape, Redo migration by SAP GUI Tool) close NWBC after the window with green check pops up and SAPGUI works again. In the NWBC client, you will get just one logon to a Group/Server connection. After you logout, you have to repeat this procedure to make it all work again for both SAPGUI and NWBC.

At this time, the only connections that seem to work in NWBC and not have the message server get deleted, are the SAPGUI for HTML connections.

I manually created those connections in NWBC by selecting the "New Systems Connection for NWBC."

On a lighter note:

I wonder if a potential solution would be to somehow hide the SAP Logon connections in the NWBC list and only show the NWBC connections (aka SAPGUI for HTML)? In any case, I hope the next patch will address these concerns and of course, if you have the same issues, please post any solutions you have managed to find to enable the SAPGUI and NWBC to play nicely together.

I support just over 2000 SAP users and there is no way I'm going to roll out the SAPGUI4 w/NWBC5.

Thanks for your patience in reading my first post.