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Feb 10, 2015 at 12:13 PM

Conversion exit which language is used?



I have trouble with the conversion exists during form processing. The form contains a table (DDIC) with a column containing a base unit (MEINS).

If I print the form in german language, the unit is represented correctly (value = ST). If I print the form in other languages, its value is still ST instead of PCE (or what ever).

So I set a break point at CONVERSION_EXIT_CUNIT_OUTPUT. This FM is called during form processing and should translate ST to PCE (for example).

I discovered that the parameter LANGUAGE (target language) of this function module is always 'D'

Does anyone know, where the value of paramter LANGUAGE comes from? What does influence the language for conversion exists during form processing?

The form is created with 'DE' as default language. The form is not translatet into different languages. To support different languages, we normally use a DDIC structure to transfer all labels, text constants etc. The translation is done by print program.

I think the reason for the trouble with conversion exit comes from the call of the form itself. I tried to set the language of the form like this:

     gs_docparams-langu      = 'F'.
gs_docparams-country = 'FR'.
gs_docparams-fillable = abap_false.
gs_docparams-dynamic = abap_false. gs_docinfo-langu = 'F'.
/1bcdwb/docparams = gs_docparams
p_pardata = gs_pardata
p_partxt = gs_partxt
p_docinfo = gs_docinfo
p_pardata_rel_tools = gt_pardata_rel_tools
p_partxt_rel_tools = gs_partxt_rel_tools

Thank you for your support!