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Jan 10, 2006 at 04:55 AM

2 fields to the extractor ?


Hello BW Experts,

We have an infocube up and running in production for couple of years, now have to add 2 fields in the extractor which are part of standard extractor 2lis_02_itm. We do not need the history data for the 2 fields added. We need the data for the two new fields going forward.

I am trying to find the procedure / sequence in to carry out in production envionment. Please correct me if i am wrong or missing something.

1) check if there are luws in rsa7 for 2lis_02_itm, then run the delta in bw two times ( 2 times just to make sure that we did not miss anything ).

2) deactivate the v3 update for 2lis_02_itm or all active Purchasing extractors ???

3) delete the logs lbwf for Purchasing

4) do we need to delete the setup tables in our case ???

5) do we need to lock the users in case we are not deleting the setup tables ???.

6) any to do in sm13 or sm14 ???

7) maintain the extract structure

8) maintain the datasource

9) replicate the datasource

10) activate the extract structure

11) since we do not need the history i hope it is okay for not deleting or reloading the setup tables.

12) activate the v3 update for 2lis_02_itm.

13) activate the v3 update for other purchasing extractors (in case we have deactivated them in the above step 2)

wondering if any one has a document listing the things to be done in any document, that you guys followed in production, it would be of great help to me.

Any suggestions appreciated.