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Feb 09, 2015 at 09:13 PM

SAP BW/IP - Empty variables table in Customer Exit when launching Planning Sequence.



I have a planning sequence and in the filter for a step, there is a customer exit variable. The logic behind the exit is supposed to calculate some date range. However, this calculation is not done since when I launch the planning sequence through RSPLAN, the table p_i_t_var_range is empty.

However, when I choose a value for my variable in RSPLAN (it is mandatory), the table is not empty and the logic in the exit is correctly read. The issue is when I launch the planning step after I have entered a value for the variable. Since the table is empty, the logic cannot be read in the exit and therefore the result is null.

I don't quite understand why the table is not empty after I input the value for the variable while it is empty when I launch the planning sequence.

Am I missing something here?