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Jan 10, 2006 at 03:04 AM

A problem about inputfield


hi all

i have developed a application and there are inputfield and textEdit on the page.

the code of the two component like below.

   <htmlb:inputField id        = "short_text"
                            size      = "70"
                            encode    = "X"
                            maxlength = "60"
                            disabled  = "<%= disabled %>"
                            value     = "<%=  gv_short_text_1 %>"
                            alignment = "left" />


  <htmlb:textEdit id       = "long_text"
                          text     = "<%= gv_long_text %>"
                          cols     = "73"
                          rows     = "8"
                          wrapping = "HARD"
                          disabled = "<%= disabled %>" />


i input Chinese word in the inputfield and textedit.

after refresh the page the word in textEdit is right but in the inputfield is not right become



i check the html source code in find this

   <span id="short_text-r" class="urEdf2Whl"><input type="Text" class="urEdf2TxtEnbl urV" autocomplete="off" size="115" maxlength="60" id="short_text" style='font-family:courier' ct="InputField" name="short_text" st="" tp="STRING" value="&#38470;&#26410;&#28982;" onblur="sapUrMapi_InputField_Blur('short_text',event)" onkeydown="sapUrMapi_InputField_keydown('short_text',event)" onkeyup="sapUrMapi_InputField_KeyUp('short_text',event)" onfocus="sapUrMapi_InputField_focus('short_text',event)"><span class="urAr"></span></span>

in the 'value' if i replace "amp;" with " " the result is right

i think it maybe the encodingType problem in the component <htmlb:form> like below

 <htmlb:form method       = "post"
                encodingType = "multipart/form-data"
                autoComplete = "TRUE" >

but i dont know how to solve the problem.

can you help me?

thank you