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Former Member
Feb 09, 2015 at 03:03 PM

Using Unix date command in SM69


Hi Experts,

I would like to use the Unix command DATE in SM69 and pipe the output in a file in a specific directory.

For example the unix command would look like this: date > /usr/sap/sst_data/APD/receive/ppk_kp8/test.txt

I tried several variants to enter the command parameters in SM69 but no one works fine.

Entering the whole command line in the first line in SM69 (operating system command) does not work too.

It seems that the system has a problem with the pipe command '>' to put the output in a file.

I receive the following error:


date: extra operand `/usr/sap/sst_data/APD/receive/ppk_kp8/test.txt'

Try `date --help' for more information.

External program terminated with exit code 1


All I would need is to create a file in a specific directory containing the actual timestamp.

Do you have any proposal what I did wrong?

Many thanks and best regards