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Feb 09, 2015 at 03:04 PM

Please help with first Adapter Module Bean NWDS deployment


Hello experts,

I am following instructions to deploy a first Java Adapter Module Bean to our development system and getting a problem. I really appreciate any help in this case.

I am following these instructions:…

I have copied the library files and referenced them as mentioned in the document, but maybe these differ based on PI version? We are on 7.11.

I'm trying to load this source code:

Adapter Module: ReplaceString

In NWDS when I deploy it has a warning:

1. File:E:\Data\NWDS-workspace\ReplaceString-ear\ReplaceString-ear.ear




Deploy status:Warning



1. Warning occurred on server 8900550 during deploy : References Test: There are no matching deploy time references (described in META-INF/SAP_MANIFEST.MF) for the following runtime references [,,,,,] (described in the META-INF/application-j2ee-engine.xml)., file: ReplaceString-ear.ear, column 0, line 0, severity: warning

2. Exception has been returned while the [] was starting. Warning/Exception :[

][[ERROR CODE DPL.DS.6193] Error while ; nested exception is: Cannot find business method 'process' with args [interface, class] in class for component*xml|ReplaceString-ejb.jar*xml|ReplaceString]



I used these parameters in the module config:

When starting the Comm Channel and sending a message it says:

Message processing failed. Cause: Exception during lookup operation of object with name localejbs/ReplaceString, cannot resolve object reference. [Root exception is javax.naming.NamingException: Error occurs while the EJB Object Factory trying to resolve JNDI reference Reference Class Name: Type: clientAppName Content: Type: interfaceType Content: local Type: ejb-link Content: ReplaceString Type: jndi-name Content: ReplaceString Type: local-home Content: Type: local Content: Cannot start; nested exception is: java.rmi.RemoteException: [ERROR CODE DPL.DS.6125] Error occurred while starting application locally and wait.; nested exception is: Cannot find business method 'process'

When I look at default trace it contains similar info:

[ERROR CODE DPL.DS.5029] Exception in operation [startApp] with application [].
[EXCEPTION] [ERROR CODE DPL.DS.5029] Exception in operation [startApp] with application [].


Caused by: Cannot find business method 'process' with args [interface, class] in class for component*xml|ReplaceString-ejb.jar*xml|ReplaceString