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Feb 09, 2015 at 12:10 PM

Validity of exchange rates are not considered in APO DP planning books


Dear SAP Gurus

There are couple of posts on this topic without any conclusive reply and so I am posting this again.

We plan and manage data in multiple currencies and wish to maintain the same in APO DP. We have defined an exchange rate type in the planning area which is used for planning purposes. Please note that we have defined only one planning area for all global products hence data is stored in one currency only.Exchange rates between different currencies for this exchange rate type are maintained in ECC and then transferred to APO via RSA1 using standard functionality. While exchange rates are maintained with validity (valid from date) in this table, APO DP planning books only consider latest exchange rates. This behaviour changes the data in the planning book every time there is a change in the exchange rates and is a complete nonsense.

I believe there is a macro function CURR_CONV_FACTOR() which can be used to bring exchange rates as key figures in the planning book based on validity but given that this macro works only between 2 exchange rates and we use 10 different currencies, its not feasible to use this macro function for all combinations.

Is there any other way to have exchange rates based on validity ? Does SAP has any guidelines / best practice on how to handle multiple currency scenarios in DP.

We are on APO V5.1.