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Feb 09, 2015 at 10:27 AM

Rescheduling program V_V2 when run in background does not update schedule lines


Dear Experts

The following is a LIVE production case for which I seek your help .

We have a sales order rescheduling transaction code V_V2 running in the background for one of our EU plants. This is a background job that runs once daily at 00:00 UTC.

Sales orders that we create mostly have an SBOM. The components of the SBOM are in stock. The availability checking group assigned to the materials of the SBOM is configured as "ZD". "ZD" is a copy of the standard "02" checking group with just 1 additional configuration. The checking group "ZD" is set to consider Replenishment Lead time .The components procurement type is set to "F" (External procurement), and planned delivery time is maintained in the MRP 2 view.

The sales order was created on 11/Dec/2014 with an initial delivery date of 18/Dec/2014. The background job which calls the rescheduling program V_V2 rescheduled the order and pushed out the material availability date to 08/Jan/2015 and created 2nd schedule line. The sales order's schedule line has a route and a corresponding route schedule.

Considering that we have passed the Material Availability date of 08/Jan/2015 and considering we still have sufficient stock coverage as per CO09 (Availability overview) I would have expected the rescheduling program to reschedule the order sometime this week or some where in February itself. However what has occurred is that a new schedule line was created for the material availability date of 27/Mar/2015, hence delaying the delivery date to 2nd April 2015.

We are unable to figure out that inspite of having sufficient stock coverage why SAP pushed the material availability date to the future in March. The user expects that material availability date to be within February itself. This is causing delayed shipping in their business process.

I asked the user to run V_V2 in the production environment in "simulation" mode so that the document does not get updated. I wanted to check what is the schedule line program is proposing. I also asked the user to run manual ATP using VA02 on the particular line items. I wanted to check whether the results of the V_V2 simulation and the manual ATP check matched. Both checks gave the same result and proposed a delivery date in the month of February itself taking into account the route and the route schedule. This looks to be that V_V2 in the background seems to fail in some unknown conditions/scenarios. Today also I checked the sales order and the delivery date remains a date in April 2015.

We would like your help to fix this issue as soon as possible. Please let me know if further information on the issue is required for diagnosing this issue. Unfortunately we have not been able to replicate this issue in our Quality client. So this remains solely a production issue.