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In 'some cases' TO is not getting created for a Posting Change.

Dear Expert

I went through all the posting related to `Automatic TR creation` but couldnt find the solution for my problem.

Kindly have a look at the issue which we are facing in our production system.

Business Case :

We have two storage location attached to same WH number.

Mvt Type 921 (which is a copy of Mvt Type 309 thats  my guess) is used to move the stock within those 2 SLOC.

After MB1B is executed system generates the Posting Change in the background.

WM Transfer Order (TO)  is created immediatly and an idoc is triggered to send the posting to external WMS.

Its very important to send the posting change information immediatly to external WMS to keep the inventory up to date in both systems.


In some cases the TO is not getting created automatically even for same set of data.

In below screen shot I have highlighted 2 entries where for 'same material' sometime TO is created and sometime not.

Not sure what exactly causing this strange behaviour of system.

SAP Config. settings:

Below are the screen shots of the confirguration which is made in system.

Let me know if I am missing any configuration which is causing this issue. Or did I do something wrong here

1. MM-IM movement type config.

2. Ref. Mvt type config.

3. OMJJ setting for Mvt Type 921

4. OMKX setting ( I did this setting based on OSS note 133066 ) After this setting I thought problem will not arrive again, but it still causing the same issue.

Any input on this issue will be highly appriciated.


Sandip Chavan

Lubu-p01.PNG (94.3 kB)
921-OMJJ.PNG (48.7 kB)
921-OMKX.PNG (15.3 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Feb 09, 2015 at 09:15 PM

    OMKX does not make the problems going away, it rather enables SAP to talk about the problems.

    As you customized OMKX I would expect a mail in the business workplace (SBWP) of those users. You didn't tell anything about that. Had you checked with the user HANSERH?

    Since you said that the Posting change did not create sometimes, this also means that it did sometimes, hence the customizing must be right in general, and the issues may be caused by something else.

    When you create the failed posting changes manually, what do you actually do?

    SAP is usually stopping if it cannot find the right quants by itself and expects a user to select them.

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    • Hi Jürgen

      I follow below process to create a TO manually using traction LU04.

      1. Execute LU04 and give WH number and Mvt Tpye (921). I select only 'open' Posting Change and press enter.

      2. Nex screen system displays the list of Open Posting Change.

      3. Now I select the entry for which TO is to be created and click on button 'Create trans.Order'

      4. System give message 'Transport Order xxxxxxxx is created`


      Sandip Chavan