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Feb 09, 2015 at 02:11 AM

Unable to read the file from application server with file name contains special character


Hi Team,

We have one scenario where Webmethod is uploading file to application

server directory as binary file.

SAP is trying to read the file uploaded by webmethod.

If the file name is like '_é , á, ù_1-IWWUJZ.docx' then SAP is not able

to read the file. The error 'File does not exists' error occurred.

The file does not appear in AL11 also.

File name is like : '_é , á, ù_1-IWWUJZ.docx'

If I upload same file using standard FM in SAP then I can see the file

in AL11 and I can read.

But if open the application server directory and see the file name.

The file name will be like '_é á ù_1-IWWUJZ.docx' and

if we see in AL11 the file name will be like '_é , á, ù_1-IWWUJZ.docx'.

1. What formatting should I use to read this kind of files? All others files SAP is able to read.

2. Why the file name is changed if we upload file through SAP. The special characters are replaced with some other characters.

3. When webmethod upload same file the special characters are not getting changed.

Please help.

Thanks & Regards.

Anil Mane

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