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Feb 08, 2015 at 02:08 PM

Transformation File-If statement reading from two BW infoobjects


Hi everyone,

Requirement: If Account 1111100000 then read data from BW field 0INVESTOR and if 0INVESTOR is empty then map to TP-INVNONE.

For all other accounts read data from BW field 0PARTNER and if 0PARTNER is empty then map to TP-NONE.

First tried like

PARTNER = *IF(0ACC=*STR(1111100000) then 0INVESTOR; 0PARTNER = *STR() then *STR(TP-NONE); 0PARTNER) - This works but I need to catch where 0INVESTOR is empty and for this I tried like:

PARTNER = *IF(0ACC=*STR(1111100000) then 0INVESTOR; 0INVESTOR = *STR() then *STR(TP-INVNONE); 0PARTNER = *STR() then *STR(TP-NONE); 0PARTNER) -> This is not catching where 0INVESTOR is empty.

could you please give any idea how to fulfill this requirement?