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Feb 08, 2015 at 12:10 PM

SAP MM sub contract process?


Hi Colleagues,

I am at a aero project at which we are looking for a solution that looks not to be available in Sap ECC5 MM. Is the below scenario possible within MM please?

1. We send our supplier a list of materials that need to make an assembly and also the top level header part number for assembly itself. We will do this by interfacing supplier delivery scheduling lines.

2. The supplier will receive message and take list of materials to then construct assembly part for us at their premises. The low level materials are not issued to them by us as they belong and sit in supplier own stock in there warehouse.

3. Supplier sends us the assembled part which we book into our stock, but will not send us on delivery message (maybe asn)which components make up assembled part they send us.

4.We pay invoice for assembled part.

What is required is for us to send them list of components in schedule lines but we book in assembly (we will not actually issue them components like standard MM subcontract process). The issue I see is that we would have many del schedule lines which are open as they are not booked in but only assembled part. Also, do need to consider any BOM type?

In aero defense industry in far east,this model looks to be essential and new practice when working with many big suppliers.

Your views on this would help please.

Thank you.