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Former Member
Jan 09, 2006 at 08:37 PM

IPC Dataloader - Download of Z.. tables from R/3


2 questions regarding IPC/SCE:

1. we are using IPC for ISA R/3 enterprise. Some of the ABAP pricing userexists (VOFM) on r/3 read user-defined (Z) tables. Hence these will be required in corresponding java user-exist on IPC-side. How to replicate/download these Z-tables into IPC? Is there any step-by-step instructions somewhere in How do we create the table definitions? manually in sql server ? Can the data be downloaded via IPC dataloader? If so, is "delta-mode" possible for Z-tables?

2. SCE documentation: Documentation that comes with IPC install mainly talks about Pricing user-exits etc...But is there any good documentation anywhere for SCE? Explaining, for example, different parts & functions of the SCE swing GUI (SCE.BAT), overview of SCE (something over & above the javadoc that is provided)...

thanks in advance