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Former Member
Feb 07, 2015 at 05:23 PM

Smartfoms labels: line spacing too high


Hi Experts,

I like to print labels with Smartforms. We are using an Avery AP 5.4 (300dpi) printer in Zebra mode. We use the ZLZEB3 Device type. All fields to print have separate windows as recommended in the Zebra-documentation and I’m using Helve as Font (as recommended too) Eyerything is fine for the most labels, but we have a few very small one’s for clocks etc (33mm width x 22mm heigth) where I have to print a barcode and 7 lines. The problem is that I could not print the lines as close as I need it. When I slide the windows nothing happens until it jumps to the next position. There is a kind of “rastering” which is to rough for this kind of labels. I need to print the lines closer together.

Where can I adjust this ?

When I increase the value of “lines per inch” (currently 6) in the smartform, the printer prints the labeldata on 3 labels.

Thanks very much.