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Feb 07, 2015 at 01:25 PM

How to add 3rd party non-SAP system to a ChaRM project?


Hi everyone,

how can I add a 3rd party non-SAP system to a Solution Manager SOLAR project for use with ChaRM General Changes?

The situation so far:

We are already using ChaRM for our SAP landscape successfully (with Urgent and Normal Changes).

Now we want to use the General Change for some of our 3rd party non-SAP applications (without transport management). I couldn't find any documentation on this topic and it is not working out of the box.

What I did so far:

  • in SLD configuration
    • created a new custom product/software component version in SLD
  • in transaction LMDB
    • created a new technical system,
    • created a new product system
    • created a new logical component
    • assigned all these and the custom product from sld
  • with transaction IB_GEN / IB52
    • generated new IBase component
    • and edited the description

In ChaRM component selection the new IBase components are visible when adding a new change AND no solar project is assigned.If I assign a project first, the components won't appear in the search help.

I already tried to add the new defined logical component in SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN for the specific project. But I cannot find the logical component in the search dialog - most likely because it is not assigned to one of the valid SAP software product components. Also when I look for the new product (system) in SMSY I cannot find it. When I use the "chosse object" dialog and select my new "product system" there is an error message: "The product system has no valid product assignment."

What to do now?

  • How to adjust the system/product configuration in LMDB / SLD?
  • How to add the logical component to the SOLAR / ChaRM project in SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN?
  • When added, do I have have to check the mark "relevant for changes" in SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN for the logical component?

Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance and best regards,