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Feb 06, 2015 at 10:14 PM

MSS - Approve Working Times, Incomplete Timesheet status incorrect


Hello experts,

My managers are running into issues with the Approve Working Times interface on the Manager Self-Service Homepage. We have employees submitting their timesheets with a combination of attendance and absences codes, however the total hours recorded match or exceed the target hours. Once the timesheets are approved, some timesheets show a status of Complete Approved, but some remain in a Incomplete timesheet status.

Looking at the timesheets that are still in Incomplete Timesheet status, the common thread is I see multiple lines on a given day where the employee used a combination of attendances and absence codes on that day. For example, they were scheduled for 8 hours and worked 4 hours and took 4 hours of vacation.

Regardless, the employee did record a total of 40 hours for the work week, it was just 36 hours of attendances and 4 hours of absences. How can I get the timesheet status to show Completely Approved regardless of how the timesheet was coded as long as the Recorded time is = > Target Time?