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Former Member
Feb 06, 2015 at 05:42 PM

Success Factors Employee Central manager/employee link


We are going to start using success factors employee central to manage our employee data. After the initial load of our org structure from SAP ECC into employee central, we are going to be managing our organisational structure in employee central and propagating the changes back into SAP ECC.

However currently our managers positions are linked to the teams they manage via the teams org unit. So there is a "manages" link (type 012) between the managers position and the org unit of the team they manage. As far as I'm aware this is a standard way of doing this.

Apparently this is no longer supported in success factors, and instead the link will be directly between the managers position and the positions of each of the employees they manage.

Success factors is a SAP product so I'd hope that any changes we are making for it mesh with the rest of SAP without breaking it. However it does look like some SAP standard functionality such as some standard evaluation paths rely on a link between managers and org units specifically.

Am I simply mistaken in thinking that the relationship between managers and org. units isn't supported? Has anyone else implementing success factors come across this problem?