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Feb 06, 2015 at 12:06 PM

Unlock data slice for special planning function


Hello to all,

I have an issue on data slice in integrated planning and hope somebody of you can help to solve this issue.

My Scenario is as following:

I have a planning DSO with actual and historic cost data.

Cost data in planning DSO can be maintained using an Input ready query. The user is only be able to maintain actuals, historic values are only displayed for helping the user but they are not Input ready.

For this I created a data slice for locking historic data. And this works fine.

Now i came up with my issue.

At hte end of month i want to delete historic data from DSO and move actuals to historic.

Therefore I created to planning functions

1.) delete historice data

2.) copy actual to historic.

For executing thes two planning function I have two possiblities

- to deactivate data slice

- to unlock historc data area

Now my guess is to dynamically unlock historic data when copy function or delet function is executed.

Therefore I customized the type of my data slice as Exit and implented an Exit class based on super class CL_RSPLS_DS_EXIT_BASE.

So my question is, is it possible the get the Name of the executed planning function or planning filter in the implementation of the Exit class CL_RSPLS_DS_EXIT_BASE?

My Goal is to decide in method IF_RSPLS_DS_METHODS~IS_PROTECTED to lock or unlock historic data regarding to the executed planning function.

I hope the become some helpful feedbackl for my issue.

Best regards