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Feb 06, 2015 at 06:20 AM

Dynamic task description


i have a custom task and its description.

I have used that task at multiple steps, depending on some conditions i want to display texts(task description).


Work item(created by that Task) is sent to user 1.

After deadline that same task is sent to user 2(agents determined using rule),work item from user 1 inbox , disappears(after deadline-Used process control to make it obsolete).

I want that when same task is sent to user2, It description should contain 1 or more additional lines,Like that:

Escalated from :User1,Userx,Usery.

As values of user1,userx,usery will be dynamic(user1,userx,usery-will be determined using rule), and i want to display those values in task description(only when it is sent to user 2 after deadline triggered).

I have created Command line (if conditions-if agents fetched-after creation of task at step1 is not initial) in task description to achieve so.

What i have tried:

I have created a workflow container element-(binded to task in step1 -so that it could fetch agents from step1 ) and then if that container element is not initial .Task description changes accordingly.

But task container element _RULE_RESULT (container values-check in SWIA), is not populating values in workflow container element-Agents(Same data type of _RULE_RESULT).

Please guide me.


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