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Feb 06, 2015 at 12:07 AM

How to define measure in HANA Studio for Lumira Box Plot


Hello Colleagues & Community,

I have a data column in HANA DB related to duration. For example, I have instrumented a mobile library, and am recording the results of various timers, together with information on the current conditions.

Since I am interested in a statistical view of the values, I would like to use a Box Plot in SAP Lumira (MIN, Q1, MED, Q3, MAX). I am exposing the data to Lumira via an Analytic View created in SAP HANA Studio. The Analytic View logically joins a data foundation containing the fact and dimension tables, with a time-series attribute view.

The issue or question that I am running into is: How can I define a measure on the duration column in the Analytic View, without specifying an Aggregation (COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX) type?

The reason I think I want this, is that Lumira should be able to access the raw data points of the duration column, in order to calculate the Box-Plot quartiles. Instead, I'm seeing it attempt to calculate quartiles on the SUM of the duration column over the period, and it's just returning the SUM for all quartile values--a horizontal line.

Any ideas?

Thanks!! Stan


Here is the raw data in HANA Studio

Here's the Semantic definition of the Analytic View (TIMERDURATION has Aggregation options: SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT)

And, here's the Box Plot in Lumira (note that both values are the sum of the raw data above)