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Feb 05, 2015 at 10:03 PM

2-step picking limitation, how to solve?


I have 2-step picking set up between high bay rack (HBR), drop off zone (DOZ), and supply area (SA). The trigger is via SAP Kanban pull.

In V_T326B, I have standard movement type 850 assigned to my warehouse, and storage type 200 represents the DOZ.

Now I have new requirement where the *same* material can replenish *two* supply areas located in separate buildings, but the material is to remain in a single HBR location. Since the material handling is to be performed by separate individuals, I need to set up two separate RF Queues, especially for the first TO movement between the (single) HBR and the physically different DOZs.

So while I am able to split out queues for the second TO based on control cycle/movement type/shipment type, my issue is that the system seems to limit 2-step picking to 850 movement type, 200 DOZ at the *warehouse* level.

Is there any standard way to solve for this?

If not, I'm prepared to use BAPI to assign Door to the TO based on data in Kanban control cycle, and configure V_T346L queue assignment using the Door.