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Feb 05, 2015 at 03:59 PM

Design Studio & Webservices Load balancer (WebService URL)



We are just deploying SAP Design Studio 1.4 on our SAP BI Platform landscape (4.1 SP4 Patch 1). Following installation guide we have deployed required components on Processing and Web tier.

Once installed we have checked that Design Studio clients are able to login into BI Platform using following url:


but if we try to use a URL that contains load-balance-name


connection fails (Message: Could not initiate connection. Check the Web Service URL)

Admin guide (p. 35) says that:

"Web Services applications are currently only supported with the following load balancer configurations:

  1. Source IP address persistence.
  2. Source IP and destination port persistence (available only on a Cisco Content Services Switch).
  3. SSL persistence.
  4. Cookie based session persistence."

We have tested 1 & 4 configurations but in any of them URL using load balance name does work.

Any idea about to fix it? Has anyone some experience using DS with a load balancer?

I have another question: If we conenct to design studio using web-server-name URL, does it means that (once deployed in the BI Platform) all requests will user web-server-name instead of lb one? It is possible to change the server name or it is implicitly build based on initial connection?

Note: We are suffering exactly same issue with Crystal Reports for Enterprise and BI Services (only QaaWs client does work using load balance name)

Thanks in advance,