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Feb 05, 2015 at 12:52 PM

Cost Centre Actual Split :: KSS2



We are doing the Actual cost split for the cost centres through KSS2 Transaction.

But we are getting error for one cost centre which has two activity types.

" Cost Ctr XXXX, Cost Element XYZ : Splitting not possible.

Because :

1. The total of activity type equivalent is zero

2. The target cost of the cost hierarchies are zero. i.e. No distribution basis for this cost element "

When I checked the KP26 data, I found that equivalent number 1 is maintained for each of the activity types.

In that case, the splitting should be equally done, right ?>

Then, why it is saying no equivalence is maintained ?

Regarding the second point "the target cost of the ....", I could not understand.

Could you please guide me ?